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Join us in Slack
Join us in Slack
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What is Slack?

Slack is a mobile and web app that makes it easy to stay connected to a community or team. You can make connections, organize conversations, ask for help, share files, memes, or whatever your heart desires!

At Project Spaces, we use a private group called "Project Spaces Members" exclusively for our community to stay connected. Join us!

How do I download Slack?

Download on iOS or Android. When creating your account, it's VERY IMPORTANT that you use the email address associated with your Project Spaces account. If you're not sure what email you have on file with us, just hit the chat button on the page and we'll confirm for you!

I've downloaded Slack. Now what?
Awesome! Make sure our team knows that you've joined so we can properly introduce you to the community! And make sure you join the #make-a-friend channel, which will automatically connect you with another member every two weeks.


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