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Can I put my Flex membership on hold?
Can I put my Flex membership on hold?
Flexibility is the key! These are your options...
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We are sometimes asked (especially during COVID times) whether it's possible to put a Project Spaces Flex membership on "hold" for a month. Because all of our memberships are already month-to-month, we do not offer a $0 hold option. But have no fear! You have some options...

Here's what you can do:

1. Terminate
As a PS member, you ALWAYS have the option to simply give notice to terminate via email, or by filing a ticket on the member platform. This will apply your last month deposit to the following month. However, if you intend to return, this is not necessarily a great option. Re-joining in the future will require a new last month deposit and setup fee, and terminating will end any discount / promotional rate you might have had. And if you happen to be traveling (or otherwise not in the space) the following month, then using your last month deposit is not ideal.

The better option is usually to...

2. Downgrade*
Every single Flex membership starts with basic flex ($45) + whatever packages you might have subscribed to (ie. once per week, twice per week, 24/7 unlimited, etc). This means that at any time, you can give notice to drop your extra packages, and simply pay for the basic flex membership. This is often a much better option than terminating your membership, and re-joining later.

Keeping the basic Flex Membership avoids using your last month deposit, and having to pay a new setup fee later. It also maintains your status in the PS community, and includes 2 day passes per month*

*The 2 day passes included with basic Flex Membership typically do NOT carry over month-to-month, but because COVID has flipped the world upside down, we are (for the time being) carrying over those day passes. This means that, even if you're not coming in, that $45 is not wasted.

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