The following is a list of rules you are expected to follow when bringing your furry friend into a Project Spaces location.

• Your dog must be current on all vaccinations and flea-prevention treatment*, be parasite-free, spayed or neutered, potty-trained, calm and generally well behaved.
*According to the guidelines of the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association. Learn more:

• Your dog must be on a leash and with you at all times. You will ensure your dog is not obstructing aisles, being aggressive or disrupting members in any way.

• Noise is not permitted. This means no barking, howling, yelping, as well as no noise from playing with your dog (no squeaky toys, running around). This rule is lifted during certain social events for members. Ask if you’re not sure.

• You will clean up after your dog immediately following any kind of mess. This includes not leaving toys, dirty water bowls or any other items on the floor.

• You will ensure that your dog does not cause any damage within the space. You will take full responsibility for immediately replacing anything that does get damaged (ex. chewing of wires or furniture, knocking something off a table etc.).

• You will be respectfully attentive to members who may be uncomfortable or distracted by your dog, and will be open to suggestions on improvement.

• You understand that Project Spaces has no responsibility whatsoever to care for your dog, and we reserve the right to end the privilege at any time.

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