1. Download the Kisi app on iOS or Android.

2. Create a new Kisi account (ie. DO NOT use "sign into organization") and make sure you use the email address associated with your PS account. This is super important, as it matches up with your account on our member platform. Kisi will then send you an email to verify your email address.

3. Allow ALL app permissions (ex. location services always, bluetooth etc.)

4. That's all folks! The only thing to remember is the Kisi app must be running in the background on your phone to function (ie. you need to have launched it, but you DO NOT need to have it open on the screen).


P.S. Kisi can only work on one "primary device" at a time (ie. you cannot log into Kisi on another phone and use it to open doors). If you get a new phone or for whatever reason need to update your primary device, follow these steps.

P.P.S. The most common issue has been members seeing a message that Bluetooth is off, when it seems that it's on. If that's the case, follow these steps.

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