As a member, you are welcome to have guests visit you at Project Spaces, whether it's a friend joining you for lunch, or a client coming in for a meeting!

In either case, please have your guest register on the iPad in the lobby when they arrive. They can select the "visit a member" option and type your name to page you. You will get an email and/or text message, as well as a Slack notification, notifying you of their arrival (to update these settings, speak to the PS team).

A guest is defined as someone coming to visit you for a specific period of time, typically related to a meeting room booking. If you want to have someone work out of the space with you for the day, that is encouraged as well:

• We welcome anyone free on their first visit 😃

• Beyond their first visit, if your guest would like to continue coming in, you can either get a membership for them, or purchase a day pass.

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